Montana Students Develop Ride-Sharing App For Skiers "ShareLift"

Montana Students Develop Ride-Sharing App For Skiers "ShareLift"


Montana Students Develop Ride-Sharing App For Skiers "ShareLift"


11188224_990983110913090_6638820665368445194_n“Our metaphor is that we’re taking chairlift culture, the experience of riding with a stranger, and extending it to the cab of a vehicle.” -Sam Kern

Avid Bridger Bowl skier and Montana State University student, Aidan Welter had a problem during his freshman year of college, finding reliable transportation to the mountain.  So he teamed up with computer science major, Sam Kern, and developed ShareLift, a rideshare app that encourages users to carpool to and from ski resorts.

Teton Valley News spoke with Kern, now a 21 year old senior, about getting their idea off the ground:

“It’s taken a lot longer than we were hoping, but it’s been really amazing what we have gotten done almost entirely without equity because it’s an idea that people love and resonate with.”

Here’s how it work:

“The app allows drivers to post when and where they are headed, along with return times and number of empty seats. Riders then select their driver and have the option to pay for gas.”

Sam Kern, 21 : image from Teton Valley News

Sam Kern, 21 : image from Teton Valley News

The app is currently operating with trips to Bridger Bowl, Big Sky Resort and ski areas near Salt Lake City and the team is looking to expand nationwide:

“This is a problem skiers around the country are having. This season is really about getting it out there, letting people use it, getting their feedback and making it better.”

ShareLift is teaming up  MSU’s Office of Sustainability and advocacy group Protect Our Winters to launch “Carpool Week” starting next Tuesday.  Best of luck to these young entrepreneurs. Even if you don’t use the app, everyone can support less cars on the road….especially on the way up to the mountain.


[images from Teton Valley News, ShareLift FB & ShareLift]

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