VAIL Four Seaons Sells For $121 million

VAIL Four Seaons Sells For $121 million


VAIL Four Seaons Sells For $121 million


cq5dam-web-580-326Vail Four Season Resort and Residences just sold for $121 million. The property has 134 rooms (including 13 condos) so each one is roughly $903,000 after you do the math. The property was acquired in a joint venture between New York based Extell Development Company and a Chinese firm called Parkland Holdings according to The Denver Post.

The average hotel room in America goes for $144,000 but the average luxury hotel room goes for $851,000 per room, so the Vail Four Season’s figure isn’t that hard to comprehend.

Amenities for guests at the Vail Four Seasons include ski valet facilities near the base of Vail’s Gondola One, a massive 14,935-square-foot spa, 7,000 square-foot event space, Flame restaurant and The Remedy Bar.

This is the second major property to  trade  hands in Vail in the last 12 months.  LA based Laurus Corp bought Vail Cascade Resort for $90 million last December and immediately announced a $35 million renovation. No such renovations have been announced for the Four Seasons.

If you are wondering what kind of lux treatment you should expect at hotel room that sells for $903,000, there’s no better place to start than the Ski Valet Service :

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