The Unofficial Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Presents Any Skier Will Love

The Unofficial Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Presents Any Skier Will Love


The Unofficial Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Presents Any Skier Will Love


What did the cashier do to deserve that... | Photo Credit:

Poor Cashier… Poor, Poor Cashier | Photo Credit: Paulien Osse | Cover Photo: RacySuits

In two days time, hordes of people will descend on retail spaces across the country with the hopes of snagging the best deals on the freshest of ski gear.

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Problem is– the physical altercation with the cashier and subsequent assault charge is about to make your ski season non-existent. So instead of punching that innocent cashier, take a seat on the couch, make a leftover turkey sandwich (extra gravy), and take care of all your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your couch– all without the madness that is BLACK FRIDAY.

The Unofficial Gift Guide  [2016]

Kind Design – Daffy Twister Spread Sweatshirt


Channel your inner Nelson Carmichael this ski season with an awesome sweatshirt via Colorado’s finest apparel maker and designer– Kind Design.

Buy here: Daffy, Twister, Spread

Patagonia Capilene Boxers


After a day of shredding in long johns, there’s no better feeling than slipping into a pair of loose-fitting, extremely comfortable boxers. Also, your girlfriend will dig the wide array of stylish prints offered by Patagonia.

Buy here: Capilene Boxers

Lange Classic Ski Poster


This poster has quite possibly the best advice of any poster in history of the world…

Buy here: Keep Those Tips Up

Smith – Cornice Sunglasses


The Cornice shades are pure old-school Smith. Not to mention, these sunglasses are an absolute steal at $64.99.

Buy here: Cornice Sunglasses



The throwback, 80’s style nylon race suits are perfect for warm spring shredding but where they really excel is in front of a raging hotel lobby fire, Irish coffee in hand.

Buy here: RacySuits

Suunto Ambit3 Peak


Suunto continues to be the gold standard for outdoors-oriented watches with built-in altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS. Also, the watch can sync with your smart phone, giving its users notifications for calls and messages.

Buy here: Suunto Ambit3 Peak



Gone are the days of Coleman headlamps that die in two hours time. Nowadays, consumers can pick up the Petzl Smart Headlamp that adjusts its strength depending on how light or dark it is outside.

Buy here: Petzl Smart Headlamp

The Spanky – Microfiber Goggle/Sunglass Cloth


The Spanky was created by skiers– for skiers, and having one in your chest pocket is a life-saver on snowy, rainy, or beer drenched days on the hill.

Buy here: The Spanky 

Build Your Own Boards With Parlor Skis


I don’t know about you but I couldn’t imagine a cooler present than getting to build your very own skis by hand with the advice of trained professionals. And these aren’t just some stoners building skis in their garage. Parlor is run by true craftsmen and their knowledge is absolutely priceless.

Find out more here: Parlor Ski Build

Stio – Harkin Snap Shirt


Check out this 100% polyester babe magnet. Stio’s four distinct Stio® prints evoke a vintage surf/ski vibe that is sure to be a crowed pleaser.  It also comes in formal black for them fancy cocktail parties.

Buy here: Harkin Snap Shirt – Retro Skier

Arcade Belt – Original Series


Believe it or not, stretchy belts are a total gamechanger for any and all activities. From summer hikes to skiing in the backcountry, these belts are as utilitarian as they are really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Buy here: Original Series

Pit Viper Polarized Sunglasses


These glasses will make you jump higher, ski longer, and huck bigger. Demand respect and authority.

Buy here: Polarized Pit Vipers

Colorado Ski Resort Poster


Colorado skiers are going to love this map. Listed on the map is every ski resort, prominent peak, and color-coded size of every individual ski resort in Colorado.

Buy here: Ski Resorts Of Colorado

Mountain Collective Pass


No matter if you live in the east or west, the Mountain Collective has close to every skier covered (except the midwest).

Buy Here: Mountain Collective Pass

Warren Miller – Freedom Found – My Life Story


When it comes to skiing’s many heroes and gods, Warren Miller is at the top of the heap. He’s been through hell and back, went bankrupt multiple times, and ultimately shaped skiing as we know it today. He recounts those stories and more in “Freedom Found.”

Buy here: Freedom Found – My Life Story

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