The TGR crew shooting "Higher" | Cover Photo:
The TGR crew shooting “Higher” | Cover Photo:

As we turn on the wax iron and break out the P-Tex candle, skiers and snowboarders will inevitably begin to fall asleep to ski and snowboard movies each night, leaving powder dreams inside our wee-little heads. So in honor of the coming winter, here are 5 shred films that are all available for live streaming on Netflix. Just try not to drool too much on the pillow tonight…

4) Higher


In part 3 of the Jeremy Jones’ trilogy, the crew heads across the world before finishing the film on one of the biggest lines Jeremy Jones has ever ridden– Shangri-La.

Watch here: Jeremy Jones – Higher

3) Jumbo Wild


Patagonia wrote a love letter to the mountains of British Columbia in their documentary, Jumbo Wild. The movie follows a ski resort developer whose plans to build a world-class, four season resort clash with local interests, the environment, and those willing to protect it for generations of skiers to come.

Watch Here: Patagonia – Jumbo Wild

2) Deeper


The first installment in Jeremy Jones’ trilogy, Deeper set the tone for what would become the most entertaining series of snowboard cinematography ever created.

Watch Here: Jeremy Jones – Deeper

1) McConkey


Watch Here: Matchstick Productions – McConkey

This profile of skiing’s prodigal son shows McConkey in his truest form. From olympic hopeful to Ski-BASE pioneer, the movie follows the arc of Shane’s life as he progresses the sport of skiing while leaving a positive impact on all those he touched.

Remember Shane by donating here: Shane McConkey Foundation