Yosemite National Park Adds 400 Acres

Yosemite National Park Adds 400 Acres


Yosemite National Park Adds 400 Acres


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The famed El Capitan | Photo Credit: Mike Murphy | Cover Photo: Diliff

Since its designation as a national park just over 100 years ago, Yosemite National Park has seldom seen growth but thanks to Robin and Nancy Wainwright that’s all about to change reports ABC News.

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The two conservationists just sold their borderline property at a heavy discount to non-profits: Trust for Public Land, Yosemite Conservancy, as well as anonymous donors. They in turn donated the parcel of land to the National Park Service. The property in question sold for approximately $2.3 million dollars. The addition of 400 acres includes pristine meadowland, abundant wildlife, and fields of wildflowers.

  • Yosemite sees between 3.4 million and 4.1 million people annually. 

In an interview with NBC, Robin Wainwright noted that selling the land at a discount was a necessary cost to effectively bolster the conservation efforts in Yosemite Valley saying, “It was worth losing a little bit of money for that.” The park now boasts a little over 750,000 acres in total.

U-Shaped Valley | Photo Credit:

U-Shaped Valley | Photo Credit: GuyFrancis

The piece of property was most recently utilized for its grazing and logging potential. Those operations will cease as the 400 acres is transferred to the NPS.

Find the entire ABC News article here: 400 Acres Donated to Yosemite National Park

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