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That look on your face when you get cliffed out @Citadel… | Cover Photo:

First it was Sci-Fi themed ski areas in India and now one Russian filmaker wants to build a ski area with a theme that is specifically Russian by nature.

Suprise– The newly themed ski area will be a war torn Russian battlefied! I mean, is there a better way to combine a sport we all love and cherish with Russia’s war torn history? I think not and apparently Nikita Mikhalkov agrees.

Post powder day carnage
Post powder day carnage @Citadel

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The former oscar winning director is planning on modeling a $110 million dollar ski resort after his feature film, Burnt By The Sun 2: Citadel. Included in the plans are fake barbed wire, burnt tanks, and skiers suffering from PTSD. Well maybe not the PTSD part but I digress. Instead of PTSD, Mikhalkov hopes the new resort will instill a feeling of nationalist pride in Russia’s youth while apparently reminding them that all Russia’s done in the past 100 years is go to war, oppress the LGBT community, and lose the space race– I continue to digress.

Lift lines will resemble Gulag migrations
Lift lines will resemble Gulags

The new ski resort will be located in the Volga region and will be named The Citadel. Looks like I’m buying tickets to Moscow… WHO’S COMING WITH ME?

Find the entire Hollywood Reporter article here: Russian Director to Build Ski Resort Inspired by War Films

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