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[All photos courtesy of Valemount Glacier Destination]

After encountering a tsunami of public opposition during his Jumbo Glacier Resort endeavour, Oberto Oberti is far from giving up his quest to create a year-round ski area in British Columbia.

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Since battling a fierce opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort, the resort designer is now shifting his view east. Located just west of Jasper National Park on the BC/Alberta border, Oberti hopes Valemount Glacier Destination will become the first complete four season ski resort in North America.

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Community members opposing the resort have raised concerns about the native Caribou as well as Grizzly populations in the area but other than that, resistance has been limited. That said, a public hearing is tentatively set for mid-late July and locals are encouraged the public to voice their opinions concerning the resort.

“Of the habitat impacts considered there will be percent losses of very high/high associated with the proposed development.”Environmental Impact Assessment

The grandiose plan, which is typical Oberti, includes what would be the longest inbounds run in the world, 6k+ vertical feet of relief, and glacier skiing year-round. As far as the base area is concerned, Oberti hopes to build lodging that will house roughly 2,000 beds along with other typical ski resort amenities. However, Oberti plans to employ “green” practices to preserve natural habitats and minimize any and all environmental impacts.

“By implementing a Wildlife Protection Plan impacts to species of concern can be minimized as much as possible by limiting access during sensitive times of year or into high value habitats, identifying protecting high value habitats wherever possible and strategically designing roadways and building sites to protect wildlife migration routes and sensitive breeding habitats.”Environmental Impact Assessment

Although a formal date has yet to be set for the public hearing, Oberti’s public exposure is sure to raise some eyebrows amongst local community members and environmental advocates alike. We’ll just have to wait and see if a wave of opposition turns into a tsunami like it did last time…

Find out more here: Valemount Glacier Destination

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