Surfer Pulls Body From Water @ Huntington Beach

Surfer Pulls Body From Water @ Huntington Beach


Surfer Pulls Body From Water @ Huntington Beach


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Huntington Beach Pier | Photo Credit: WPPilot | Cover Photo: User:DHN

A grisly scene is unfolding near the otherwise idyllic Huntington Beach after surfer, Shane Jones discovered a body while paddling back into the lineup of a secluded surf break reports the OC register.

“Oh my god, that’s a body,” was the first thought to cross Jones’ mind and he quickly turned into rescue mode. An ex-junior lifeguard, Jones proceeded to tap the body multiple times before realizing the victim was unresponsive. Before he knew it, he was on the beach with a 300 lb. unresponsive body.

Jones called up to his friends to call 9-1-1. When authorities arrived, they determined the man had been dead for some time. Authorities are currently investigating the death and looking for a cause of death. No reports of missing swimmers have been reported in the area and the man was found without identification.

*Our condolences go out to victim’s friends and family

Find the entire OC Register article here: “Oh my God, that’s a body,” surfer recounts after finding dead man in the water

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