Meet Randal Duvall of Abilene, Texas, owner operator of this truly unique mobile living solution.  We have all dreamed at one time or another of   downsizing the living situation and hitting the road in search of powder and adventures (some of us have followed through), but with a setup like this your running expenses would be next to nothing and the choice might be easier.  Mr. Duvall you may have just started a movement.

You may not be able to traverse those wide western states overnight doing 85mph on cruise control to catch a storm system but how sustainable is that unless you’re a sponsored athlete. With this mode of living transportation you push snooze on real life for years on end with a minimal bankroll.

Might get a bit cold but these guys did it and so can you:e0070106_470e9b2d81908 QX0_PrioglXrS2lWqyp0M0jEEJo