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UDAP is the leading manufacturer of Bear Spray and their newest invention hopes to make Bear country that much safer. Named the “Back Attack Pack,” the bear spray backpack attachment is literally purposed to protect its user’s backsides.

The bear spray is operated much like an ABS airbag system, with a pull cord located on the shoulder strap of the backpack. Once pulled, a stream of high potency bear spray is released upon the attacking bear. And while people are sure to say, “you’re never supposed to turn your back on a bear,” it’s pretty valuable if the victim is pinned on the ground.

Whatever the case, some Yellowstone tourist is bound to accidentally pull their cord in the midst of the visitors center this summer, so watch out!

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  • Fits All UDAP Bear Sprays
  • Includes FREE Bear Safety Tips Booklet
  • Available In Safety Orange & Camouflage Colors
  • Designd to fit most small to medium backpacks.


  • Step 1: Pull downward on the orange shoulder strap cover to expose the spray-release ball.
  • Step 2: To engage the bear spray, pull the spray-release ball at desired increments or for continuous fog.

Find more information here: Back Attack Pack