Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Roxy
Torah looking good in Jackson Hole | Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Roxy

Tired of a dried out neck and face after a day of shredding blower pow? Barclay “Billy Mays” Unofficial here to tell you that those days are over thanks to Roxy’s newest moisturizing buffs and outerwear.

Find the complete collection here: Roxy Biotherm

Although Billy Mays is no longer here to promote this product (RIP), he’d have been the guy Roxy would have handpicked to release this product… Or at least I’d like to think he’d be their guy. The outerwear in question incorporates micro-capsules filled with a nourishing formula to keep your face feeling fresh and smooth all day.

“I love the feeling of the extreme softness on my skin, it’s what a girl should always have.” – Olympic Gold Medalist, Torah Bright

The micro-capsules are activated by friction and once rubbed the right way– Marine-Christe Extract, apricot oil, shea butter, and anti-oxidant vitamin E soothe the skin. The contents are completely non-allergenic and the buff can be washed up to 15 times.