Cocaine-Fueled Frat Bros Trash Lake Shasta

Cocaine-Fueled Frat Bros Trash Lake Shasta

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Cocaine-Fueled Frat Bros Trash Lake Shasta


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Trashing and dashing is not cool

[All photos courtesy of Jennifer Vick Cox]

It appears as though Lake Shasta got pretty Fratty this past weekend as a trail of destruction was left in the wake of an apparently wild party hosted by a bunch of University of Oregon students reports Newser.

The party occurred on Slaughterhouse Island and a variety of pictures published to social media on Sunday show what looks like to be a dilapidated campground covered in beer cans, broken tents, and coolers. Displayed prominently on flip-flops, bags, and coolers is The University of Oregon emblem as well as the Greek letters Lambda Chi Alpha, which suggests the involvement of the University of Oregon chapter.

One cooler even sports makeshift writing that asks, “DO YOU WANNA DO SOME BLOW MAN?”

Do You Wanna Do Some Blow

Real subtle guys…

So far, University of Oregon officials are saying the incident is “disgraceful” and an investigation into the party is ongoing. The fraternity on the other hand has since released an official statement via their Facebook Page saying they are sorry for the incident and will find the individuals responsible.

“Unfortunately the individuals who committed the destruction to Lake Shasta recently seen on social media did not uphold these values. We are partnering with the University of Oregon, and the International Headquarters of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, to investigate this situation. We will, in no uncertain terms, hold the individuals who did this accountable.” – Lambda Chi Alpha, University of Oregon Chapter

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However, a great deal of damage has already been done– especially to tax payers wallets. The Shasta Lake Business Owners Association say the cleanup will cost taxpayers an estimated $10,000.

While partying is not uncommon on the island, the level of disregard for one’s own mess and the surrounding habitat is very new to the area. In an interview with Willamette Week, Sgt. Rob Sandbloom of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department went as far as to say, “they have no respect for mankind.”

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