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In a harrowing example of human will and bravery, four Sherpas have rescued the two Slovakian climber who were caught in an avalanche reports The Himalayan Times.

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Battling weather, cold temperatures, and technical terrain, Mingma Gabu, Lakpa Thinduk, Ngima Dorchi and Ngima Wangdi all fought to rescue the two climbers and after 16 hours, the effort proved successful.

The two climbers were attempting the challenging south-west route above Camp II on Tuesday morning when the avalanche struck. Ultimately, they became stranded on the mountainside. What followed was a series of attempted land and airborne rescues until finally, the four Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks made their bid to rescue the members of the Everest, Hard Way, Slovak Expedition.

According to reports, the two Slovak climbers held their icy perch by using a sole ice screw and carabiner before being rescued 16 hours later. The Sherpas ultimately fixed ropes in order to make the successful extraction.

“We have been given a second lease of life by those brave boys,” said Slovak team leader Vladimír Štrba. Eventually, the two climbers were brought to Camp II, where they were successfully airlifted to Vayoda Hospital hospital in Katmandu. They are both being treated for minor injuries.

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