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The town of Zhangjikou | Photo Credit: Wangyunfeng | Cover Photo: Tracy Hunter

While many cast doubt on Beijing’s ability to successfully host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, some organizers are unphased by the skepticism. So much so that they are putting one of their main venues, Zhangjiakou as a possible host for the FIS Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding World Championships reports Inside The Games. The move would hopefully reassure critics as to the quality of the venue and the feasibility of hosting similar competition in 2022.

So far, the Chinese ski town is running unopposed

The Chinese ski area and town is located nearly 200km north-west of Beijing and has been accused of having no natural snow on its slopes. However, olympic representatives from China have assured the IOC that there will be adequate snow making to properly host the events.

So far, Zhangjiakou is projected to host the biathlon, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, as well as freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

The FIS will announce their decision after meeting on June 9 in Cancun, Mexico. Wait a minute… what is the FIS doing in Cancun? Can someone say Señor Frogs is about to get LIT– Zhangjiakou it is!

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