Parlor Skis
One of our favorite Parlor designs | Photo Credit: Parlor Facebook Page
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While many boutique ski companies claim to offer fully customizable skis, barely any of those companies actually allow you to come into their workspace and be hands on in the ski building process.

Parlor Skis wants to change all that.

In what they are referring to as a Ski Building Class, Parlor is allowing its customers to craft their own pair of planks from the bottom up at their Boston HQ. By utilizing Parlor’s experience and factory, each individual will have the opportunity to create his/her perfect ski.

Find their 2015/2016 lineup here: The Flock

Bottomline, the experience is a one-in-a-lifetime chance to create a pair of skis that are not only sentimental but represent some of the best boards on the planet.

About Parlor’s Ski Building Class

We have set out to create a company that builds community and does things differently than the rest of the ski world. Our latest step in the pursuit of this goal is to offer classes where you can build your own ride!

You will work with one of our builders throughout your time in the shop to ensure that you turn out a high quality pair of skis. We have three formats available; A two-day intensive, our standard 4 session class (all evenings!), or the executive option (one four hour session.)

We will provide food, refreshments, and a good time at all the classes!

Total cost is $1,500. (This can be purchased as a gift) You can put down a deposit on the website or we will invoice you once we receive the response from this form.

View the calendar here: 2016 Summer Build Calender

Sign up here: Parlor Ski Building Class