Tragedy Unfolds @Breckenridge After Second Fatality In A Week

Tragedy Unfolds @Breckenridge After Second Fatality In A Week


Tragedy Unfolds @Breckenridge After Second Fatality In A Week


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It’s been an extremely tough week for Summit County after two people have died at Breckenridge Mountain Resort in the span of a single week.

According to the Summit Daily, the second fatality happened on April 6th when Frisco local and snowboarder, David Carr crashed into a tree near the Independence Super Chair off the intermediate trail, Claimjumper. Breckenridge Ski Patrol were on the scene at roughly 11:10AM and once there, they began administering life saving medical attention. Ultimately, Carr was transported to the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Carr was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident

In an interview with the Summit Daily, friend and skier Michael Sinclair reflected on what made Carr special, “He was one of the most focused and driven athletes I’ve ever skied with,” to which he added, “He was an incredibly proficient snowboarder, mountaineering expert and all-around bad—.”

*Our thoughts and condolences go out to David Carr’s family and friends during this trying time.

Find the entire Summit Daily article here: Frisco man dies after Breckenridge ski accident

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