236 Climbers Are Headed For Everest

236 Climbers Are Headed For Everest


236 Climbers Are Headed For Everest


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Ever since the tragic earthquake of 2015, Everest has remained unclimbed.

However, since reopening the mountain to one guided trip in the fall of this past year, 236 foreign climbers in 22 teams have made their way into the Khumbu region this spring. Their goal of summiting the world’s highest peak could happen at some point in the next two months reports Planetski.eu.

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Many of the climbers who are attempting the feat were forced off base camp or prevented from entering the region after the 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the community. Since then, tourist officials have extended any permits made void during that time for the 5 more years.

And while many still question the viability and sustainability behind guiding on the world’s highest peak, it seems as though these brave souls will continue on their quest to conquer the Everest.

Fact: Climbing Everest costs between $35,000-$100,000/person

So far, the climbers are acclimatizing to the high altitude while Sherpas begin fixing protection for the upcoming climbs. As of now, reports from the Sherpa community indicate that conditions have been relatively favorable and climbing season should proceed in the next month.

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