VIDEO: Introducing Doggles™ By ZEAL Optics

VIDEO: Introducing Doggles™ By ZEAL Optics


VIDEO: Introducing Doggles™ By ZEAL Optics


The good folks at ZEAL are finally catering to our four legged friends with their new line of canine optics.  Here is the official press release from the company:

“At ZEAL, we recognize the need to protect our furry friends from the harsh UV and HEV wavelengths that lead to macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma at an alarming rate amongst canines,” explains ZEAL’s Director of Production Dane Marmaduke. “Dogs spend their entire lives close to snow, pavement, and other environments where the effects of reflected rays increase on average 37% from human heights. In a town where one of every three households owns a least one puppy, and possibly an adult dog, Boulder’s canine population is north of 15,000 – or about 6.5 people per dog. To service this growing need, Doggles™ offer the same polarized quality and craftsmanship that ZEAL has built its brand upon.”

Designed and tested with some of the worlds leading veterinarians and ophthalmologists, these groups have long debated the best way to protect their patients and pets. Bear Kazowski, president of the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Dog Guides says, “Doggles™ are the world’s leading protective eyewear designed specifically for dogs. Protect your pet’s eyes from trauma, reduce glare, and relieve light sensitivity for a happier and healthier companion.”

….happy day after March 31st.

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