The Top 10 Places To Ski This Easter Weekend

The Top 10 Places To Ski This Easter Weekend


The Top 10 Places To Ski This Easter Weekend


Winter Park

Photo Credit: Winter Park Facebook Page | Cover Photo: Sebastian Werner

Instead of filling a pew this Easter Weekend, fill your face with some powder in honor of your lord and savior, Warren Miller. And if you happen to be in the area, it looks as though Colorado will have some bluebird pow turns on Sunday morning– Hallelujah!

Monarch Mountain Ski Area Forecast…

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.47.16 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.47.36 PM

Not too shabby! 

Dan Ray, Vanessa Guajardo, Erinna McCarthy and Kaya Lampe hanging out at the hot tub at High Camp at Squaw Valley. Brooks, Rachel, Beau and Luca Rohlen dining near the pool at high camp and getting out of the hot tub.

1) Squaw Valley, CA

It’s looking like a sunny Easter Sunday @SquawValley and if the High Camp Pool is rocking, you can’t go wrong with spring skiing in California. Also, palisades sessions, eagles nest, and other famous lines have been going down all week. So in the words of Pitbull– “don’t stop the partaaaay”

Photo Credit: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows

92083582) Monarch Mountain, CO

Out of the latest storms cycles, it appears as though Monarch Mountain looks to benefit the most with up to 19″ of snow by Sunday morning, when it goes blue…

Photo Credit: Monarch Mountain Facebook Page


3) Jackson, WY

Jackson has been on the good side of Ullr’s wrath this March and with all the snow, Easter service at the top of the JH tram has never looked better.

Photo Credit: Jackson Hole Facebook Page

92083554) Arapahoe Basin, CO

Another Colorado wildcard, Arapahoe Basin looks to get some significant snowfall out of the system forecasted to move into the front range of Colorado by Saturday night.

Photo Credit: Arapahoe Basin Facebook Page

Winter Park5) Winter Park, CO

Mary Jane in springtime is strangley reminiscent of Kodiak Valley from Hot Tub Time Machine. The look is straight 80’s and the beer… like Clear Creek, flows heavy in the springtime.

Photo Credit: Winter Park Facebook Page

92083616) Taos, NM

Taos’ season to remember is close to being considered kaput. That said, Easter weekend might be the last time for some New Mexico locals to enjoy the Ridge, St Bernards, and Kachina Peak before resort officials call it quits.

Photo Credit: Taos Ski Valley Facebook Page

92083567) Beaver Creek, CO

With snow giving way to sunny skies by Sunday, could there be a better place to ski than the Beav on Easter Sunday? Cookies… Who’s got my cookies!

Photo Credit: Beaver Creek Facebook Page

92083598) Mt Hood Meadows, OR

Mt. Hood is having a hell of a year. So what better time to enjoy the 461″ they’ve received this year than on March, 27th?

Photo Credit: Mt Hood Meadows Facebook Page

92083629) Whistler Blackcomb, BC

Whistler Blackcomb has already had a season for the record books. Although inital forecasts called for a less than average winter due to El Nino, Whistler has bucked NOAA and received 470″ this season! Bottomline, everything is open (for the most part) and spring skiing in BC is all-time this year.

Photo Credit: Mitch Winton, Coast Mountain Photography

920836010) Sugarloaf, ME

Although the skiing on the east coast is having a year to forget, you can’t neglect it completely. The best skiing on the east coast right now is in Maine. So if you’re sitting in Boston with nothing to do this weekend, Sugarloaf is you’re best bet.

Photo Credit: Sugarloaf Facebook Page

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