Mary Jane Will Extend Season Into May

Mary Jane Will Extend Season Into May


Mary Jane Will Extend Season Into May


Photo Credit: Winter Park Facebook Page

Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Winter Park Facebook Page

After over 5 feet (61.5″) of snow fell on Winter Park/Mary Jane this March, Winter Park Resort officials are excited to announce that operations on the Mary Jane side of the resort will be extended until May 7th. That date extends the season by 13 days and conditions should stay good as long as temperatures don’t get out of control in late April.

“All that snow adds up to 13 extra days of Mary Jane’s world-famous moguls, tree-skiing, and C-Lot parties, a fitting continuation of what has been a stellar 40th anniversary for Colorado’s favorite lady.”Winter Park Resort Statement

While Winter Park will stick to its originally planned closing date of April 24th, the Jane side will keep its lifts running into the beginning of May. Trail and lift openings will be revealed closer to the extended opening.

Find the entire statement here: Mary Jane’s Closing Day


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