Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Stephen Darve
Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Stephen Darve

Ever hear the tale of the ski area wolf? Turns out, the tall tale told to freak out young groms is real– at least it is in France.

At the Savoie resort of Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire, a lifty spotted something resembling a wolf near the top shack of his chair. Turns out, it’s no fox or dog but a wolf! Photos taken by the lifty suggests that the wolf wandered into the ski area from the nearby Saint-Alban-des-Villards nature preserve reports The Local.

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Unlike in Montana and Wyoming, wolves benefit from a protected status and are fairly common in some nature preserves around the French alps. That status has apparently made the public rather comfortable with the wolf’s existence. According to The Local, one young skier claimed that if he ran across the wolf, he “would have taken a selfie” the animal.

Pretty ballsy bud…

Steven Darve

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