These $12K Dollar Planks Are The Rolls-Royce Of Skiing

These $12K Dollar Planks Are The Rolls-Royce Of Skiing


These $12K Dollar Planks Are The Rolls-Royce Of Skiing


Foil Skis Oro -Nero

The Oro-Nero Ski | Photo Credit: Foil Skis

[All photos are from Foil Skis]

In every sport, there’s a boutique brand that is so lavish, so craft, and so sleek, it begs the question if the sport remains a sport or if the tool transforms the activity into what the Robb Report would refer to as a “luxury experience.”

Such is the case with Foil Skis.

These skis are handmade in northern Italy by a company that considers itself a family in hopes of bringing “ageless artistry of authentic Italian craftsmanship to lovers of snow everywhere.” The crown jewel of this operation– The Oro-Nero ski.

The Oro-Nero Ski Package- $12,000 

Foil Skis 8

Product Description: The Oro-Nero is a stunning display of the possibilities of uncompromising dedication to luxury and “High Performance Art.” Made with 8000-year-old certified Bog Oak combined with 14 karat gold plated bindings, poles and inlays. The Oro-Nero is the ultimate representation of Foil’s belief in “No Limits”

Foil Skis

While many people (including myself) are skeptical of craft and boutique brands, Foil is obviously not like the average smoke filled, garage ski factory. The skis have a crew of devoted followers that includes Austrian world cup legend Nikolaus (Klaus) Heidegger. Needless to say, the skis are breathtaking and the only thing I can ask is, if you could bring any ski with you for the rest of your life… Would you bring these?

Below are some of their relatively affordable options. Emphasis on “relatively”…

Find more information about their products here: Foil Skis Product Page

About Foil Skis

The word “Foil” describes the effortless, elegant movement of an object across any surface…

And this is why Foil exists, to provide tools of maximum joy for the effortless movement through nature’s most majestic creation…snow.

Foil skis are the product of decades searching for the perfect blend of materials, which, when sculpted by the master’s hands, would yield an elegance and performance never before experienced.

Foil is perfection in movement, in grace, in elegance and strength.

Foil exists for the uncompromising souls who insist on knowing “perfection under foot”.

Foil, the birth of what skiing was meant to be…

* Become a part of the family here: Foil Family

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