Aspen Skier Who Pushed Snowboarder From Chairlift Arrested

Aspen Skier Who Pushed Snowboarder From Chairlift Arrested


Aspen Skier Who Pushed Snowboarder From Chairlift Arrested


Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 5.37.46 PMA few weeks back, we reported on an incident in which a skier shoved a snowboarder from a chairlift at Aspen Highlands. The Aspen Times is now reporting that Thomas Proesel, 31, has been arrested, charged with felony assault and misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

Seth Beckton claims that he was push/pulled from an Aspen chairlift after commenting that it’s easier for skiers to get faceshots of powder than for snowboarders. “To get tits deep pow shots you just need to be on your edges,” Beckton quoted himself as saying in a Facebook post.

Beckton fell a reported 20 to 25 feet face-first off the lift. Luckily he fell into a pocket of fresh snow that softened his fall and prevented injury. Beckton reported the incident later in the day.

According to police reports, Proesel was identified by video cameras at the bottom of Aspen Highlands as well as scanners that read his ski pass.

After placing a $10,000 bond at the Pitkin County Jail, Proesel’s father and uncle were to drive Proesel to a residential treatment facility in Tennessee. It seems that Proesel is suffering from a serious mental illness.

Aspen prosecutor Andrea Bryan said after Thursday’s court hearing that she will reassess the case following Mr. Proesel’s treatment.

You can read a full report of the case at the Aspen Times

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