Photo Credit: Haneburger via Wikimedia Commons
Graue Wand (2594m) In The Wattental Valley | Photo Credit: Haneburger via Wikimedia Commons

Tragic news is coming out of the Austrian alps. The Guardian is reporting that a slide over a mile wide has killed 5 Czech skiers in the Wattental Valley 20 miles outside of Innsbruck in the Tirol region. The victims were a part of a 17 person ski touring group that was skiing in the Tirol region of Austria as a part of a free riding camp. Some of the victims managed to dig themselves out while others in the group weren’t so lucky.

5 skiers are dead and the injured have been transported to nearby hospitals.

So far, reports are indicating that the slide propagated for over a mile and the crown has been reported as 16 feet. Rescue teams were dispatched to the area with the assistance of helicopters as well as avalanche rescue dogs. The avalanche risk was marked as a “3” at the time of the incident.

Wattental Valley, Austria
Wattental Valley, Austria 

Read the entire Guardian Article here: Five skiers killed in Austrian Alps avalanche

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