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Photo Credit: NWS Reno

Tahoe is having a stellar year compared to the last 3 and it looks as though a new system of storms is on its way via a newly formed atmospheric river over the Pacific. So far snow totals are unsure due to how and when the cold front will arrive in the Sierra. That cold front will affect snow levels as well as snowfall amounts.

That said, snow levels are expected to drop significantly by Saturday!

“Moisture streaming from north of Hawaii is heading for Norcal. This along with a series of atmospheric waves will bring wet weather late Thursday thru Sunday. This will also produce some heavy mountain snow.”- NWS Sacramento

Photo Credit: NWS Sacramento
Photo Credit: NWS Sacramento

Increased precipitation in the Sierra is all but guaranteed to arrive by this weekend and should continue throughout the coming week with the arrival of this new AR.

“High pressure will bring dry conditions through Thursday. The next system moves into the region early Friday bringing rain, snow and gusty winds for the weekend. High confidence for precipitation to hit the Sierra and western Nevada, but low confidence for snow totals due to model simulation differences with the timing of the cold front this weekend.”NWS Reno

That snow could continue through the end of next weekend.

Photo Credit: NWS Sacramento
Photo Credit: NWS Sacramento

Bottomline, the Sierra is in store for a snowy week and Tahoe residents can rejoice in the fact that they are once again in “the flow”  for the umpteenth this year.

Thanks El Niño!