'Person Of Interest' Comes To Light In Aspen Chairlift Scuffle

'Person Of Interest' Comes To Light In Aspen Chairlift Scuffle


'Person Of Interest' Comes To Light In Aspen Chairlift Scuffle


The skier who reportedly pushed snowboarder Seth Beckton off the Loge Peak chairlift at Aspen Highlands may be a local man reports the Aspen Times. A Placer County investigator is confident they know who the culprit is based on video footage and witness accounts collected since the incident.

In an interview with the Aspen Times, Deputy Jesse Steindler said, “We may not need to release a description (of him). That’s how confident we are that we can identify this person.”

Luckily for the snowboarder involved in the incident, video cameras which exist at the base of Aspen Highlands have allowed law enforcement officials to successfully monitor the traffic in and out of the Pitkin County ski resort on the day in question.

ICYMI: Skier Shoves Snowboarder Off Chairlift @ Aspen Highlands

As of now, legal professionals are not sure as to what the skier would be charged with if found. Many speculate that an assault charge would be forthcoming.

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The assault stemmed from Beckton telling the unidentified skier that, “To get tits-deep pow shots you just need to be on your edges.” To which the man replied “Are you making fun of me?”

The skier later pushed Beckton from the lift.

Although unharmed, the snowboarder was shocked at the skier’s beef with snowboarding. After the original story was released, some people cast doubt on the snowboarder’s tale. However, many have corroborated Beckton’s story saying they saw the imprint his body left in the snow after falling 25 feet from the chair (biggest huck of the day @Aspen Highlands?).

*The investigation is ongoing

Read the entire Aspen Times article here: Skier reportedly pushes snowboarder off Aspen Highlands chairlift

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