North Korea Claims It Has Invented 'Hangover Free' Alcohol

North Korea Claims It Has Invented 'Hangover Free' Alcohol


North Korea Claims It Has Invented 'Hangover Free' Alcohol



Missing first chair because you’re hungover may no longer be a viable excuse.

In addition to curing Ebola and AIDs, North Korean scientists are now claiming to have invented the first “hangover free” alcohol– cue the world-wide peace parade! According to The Pyongyang Times, the newly developed liquor is between “30 and 40 per cent alcohol” and leaves power drinkers without debilitating headaches or hot mouth in the morning. Titled Koryo Liquor, the alcohol seems to be a blend of Sake and ginseng, which “exudes national flavor.” 

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The newly developed rice-based, ginseng swill has received top awards from state sponsored competitions and is “highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover.”

In addition to being flavorful and hangover free, the Koryo Liquor is also formally registered as a “national scientific and technological hit!”– whatever that means… Bottomline, Unofficial Networks would like to formally order a bottle of this magic booze and see if the North Koreans have any plans for making cheap beer that prevents heinous hangover beer shits.

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