7 Day Powder Forecast | Powderchasers

7 Day Powder Forecast | Powderchasers


7 Day Powder Forecast | Powderchasers


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Conditions continued to improve last week over the Wasatch and Tetons. Light snow brought totals into the 5-10 inch range.  Powder Mountain nabbed 4 last night on top of the snow from last week.   Some folks at Park City commented “Coverage was really good” and reports from the Tetons are still showing pockets of deep snow especially in the backcountry. Inbounds is in need of a refresh.   I was at Snowbird Friday morning and took my first lap on “Great Scott” (4-8 Blower) putting me into an instant good mood!  The big story was the southern Sierra and northern Arizona where 40-60 inches of snow fell last week (MammothArizona Snowbowl). 

The week ahead:

Models show some good news to areas that have not seen snow in several weeks. There is plenty of moisture on tap to move into the West this week. The Cascades get into the action beginning Monday (Light).  Moderate snow is likely Tuesday afternoon and again Wednesday morning. Coastal BC could do well with leftovers spilling into the interior by midweek (Revelstoke, Red, Fernie). The long range pattern shows additional light or moderate moisture in the extended forecast. Amounts in the Cascades should exceed 10 inches by late week!

The Sierra grab a quick hitting moderate storm beginning Wednesday morning.  Northern areas will be favored. Light or moderate snow shifts south later Wednesday.  Heavier snow is possible next weekend as the high pressure ridge slowly breaks down.  Its too early to nail down amounts. I favor the weekend storm.  Most likely scenario will exceed 8-10 inches Saturday/Sunday.

Photo Credit: NWS Salt Lake City

Photo Credit: NWS Salt Lake City

The northern Rockies benefit from late Wednesday through Friday as light snowfall streams into Idaho, southern Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.  Currently winds from the West favor the Wasatch and Tetons early Thursday/Friday.  Moisture will not be heavy with any single event. Refresh likely especially northern Idaho, Tetons and the Wasatch (Light to moderate).  Colorado under NW flow may offer some surprises late next week or into the weekend benefiting from higher terrain forcing and orographics (Vail Pass- Steamboat, Western CO). Moisture is limited with cold air orographics playing a role in accumulations, We can nail down amounts better as we approach midweek.

*Beyond the 7 day forecast is a best guess.  Currently more systems appear to move in during week #2 favoring the north.

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