Avalanche 'Seriously' Injures Skier Near Sun Valley

Avalanche 'Seriously' Injures Skier Near Sun Valley


Avalanche 'Seriously' Injures Skier Near Sun Valley


Photo Credit: Sawtooth Avalanche Center

Photo Credit: Sawtooth Avalanche Center

A Skier in the Sun Valley backcountry was seriously injured on Monday after an Avalanche struck him while skiing in the Warm Springs Creek drainage just outside the boundary of the ski resort reports the Sawtooth Avalanche Center. The area in which the avalanche occurred is commonly referred to as “Baldy Out Of Bounds.”

The avalanche danger was HIGH at the time of the avalanche.

The avalanche incident happened at approximately 11:35am and after striking a tree, the skier was buried 2 feet deep with just one hand as well as part of a leg protruding from the snow’s surface. He was skiing with a partner who reached him promptly and proceeded to extricate him from the avalanche debris.

The avalanche was rated as a D2 category slide.

According to reports, the skier “sustained serious chest and internal injuries.”

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Avalanche Report

The 3 foot deep avalanche released on a NW-facing, 38-43 degree slope near 8800 feet in elevation. The avalanche was roughly 120 feet wide, traveled approximately 1300 vertical feet, and is estimated to be a D2 sized avalanche. The victim was well below the crown, or top, of the avalanche and was only carried approximately 450 feet. The avalanche was likely triggered by either the victim – even though he was over 1000 feet below the crown – or an unknown party skiing above him. The avalanche danger was rated HIGH at the time of the accident and human triggered avalanches will continue to be likely in this area as the snowpack adjusts to recent heavy snowfall. US Forest Service staff from the Sawtooth Avalanche Center will complete the investigation and report findings at http://www.sawtoothavalanche.com in the coming days.

More Information Found Here: Sawtooth Avalanche Center

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