Patrol USA = Canvas Pants Built For Skiers By Skiers.

Patrol USA = Canvas Pants Built For Skiers By Skiers.


Patrol USA = Canvas Pants Built For Skiers By Skiers.



Two ski bro brothers have set out to make canvas pants that are durable, mobile, and have a solid cut. The pants they built for their “skier’s asses” ended up being a cut that makes all asses look good, no matter what shape it’s in.

Patrol USA has designed a heavy weight canvass spun with spandex for optimal durability and increased range of motion. For the past year and a half the designers at Patrol have been perfecting the perfect pair of pants. They achieved the same durability with added breathability and needed stretch. The effect is a modern fitting work pant, designed to accompany you to your “board” meeting or up that 5.9. Their style lends itself to lower profile footwear, i.e. skate shoes, climbing shoes, open toed shoes and sandals, but will still accommodate your shit kickers. The slimmer cut allows these pants to be paired with a tucked in shirt, when that need does arise. They’re great for the bike to work crowd.


Patrol USA was started by Howard and Austin Foote. The Foote brothers spent their formative years skiing the hills of Vermont. Both left the Green Mountains in search of bigger mountains, settling in the Rockies while in attendance at the University of Colorado. Careers brought them back east, but they have turned their focus towards entrepreneurship, targeting their passion for the outdoors. Patrol’s pants and funky hats are the perfect après accessories. Made in the USA and available for purchase at

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