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Skis, boots, and poles are the absolute essentials for any ski bum. However, there are a few of the finer things that every ski bum should have in his/her backpack everyday.

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Here are the 5 Must Have Items For The Modern Day Ski Bum

5) point6 Ski Pro Light “Over The Calf” Socks

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Started by the former founder of Smartwool, Point6 socks are socks for the everyday ski bum. Made from merino wool sourced from New Zealand, Point6 socks are guaranteed for life and cost half as much as the competition. Not to mention, the headquarters are located in Steamboat Springs– so you know these guys know a thing or two about spending time in ski boots….

4) Brooks-Range Ski Binding Tool (Ratcheting Screwdriver) Red, One Size

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You never know when the shit will hit the fan. That is why having a multi purpose binding tool can be absolutely crucial. Whether standing on top of line and realizing your DIN’s are set for a type I skier who weighs 100 lbs or forcing your Jesters forward pressure back into the right spot after the heel piece slides back (this happened to me), having a potrable pozidrive screwdriver at your disposal is key. Also, your snowboarded buddy will need to adjust his stance at some point…

3) Carhartt Men’s Washed Duck Work Dungaree Flannel Lined

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I literally wore these pants 24/7 while working as a rental tech. They stay cozy through cold walks to and from the bus stop and have a relaxed fit that takes away the need for putting on long underwear every morning. So instead of spending precious shred time doing laundry just buy a pair of these bad boys and you’ll be set for the entire season.

2) Greg Stump Classics

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The penultimate classic, “The Blizzard of Aahhh’s” as well as other legendary titles make this DVD set a must have. The only downside? Waking up on the couch to the Licensce to Thrill DVD menu playing loud AF in the morning.

1) Kinco Pigskin Leather HeatKeep Thermal Water Repellent Ski Gloves (Tan)

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Glove companies have been bending over their customers for decades. But not Kinco. These working man’s gloves are not only warmer than your run of the mill ski glove, they’re more durable, and more comfortable. And for $20, losing a glove mid season won’t break the bank.

Note: Don’t forget to add Sno-Seal All Season Leather Protectant to the gloves prior to use. 

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