The Art Of Skiing: The Powder Farm

The Art Of Skiing: The Powder Farm


The Art Of Skiing: The Powder Farm


Powder Farm

On some nondescript slope behind what is a heavily trafficked backcountry zone lies ‘The Powder Farm.’

And although it’s neither rad nor extreme, the Powder Farm deserves attention.

However, in these days of airbag backpacks and Instagram slash shots, the Powder Farm is becoming steadily forgotten. Still, it sits with powder seemingly growing from the ground up in a fashion only understood by the old crusty’s that frequent the field.

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When traveling to the powder farm, a skin track must be broken. Yet once there, a yoyo path to ski, skin, and repeat is all too obvious. After lap one, make short wiggles. This is no space for arcing GS turns. Instead, ultra tight s turns that bounce in and out of the snow will bring a smile to one’s face and after the second lap, the skier begins to hoe the fallow field like a humble man raised by the land. After a few laps, it’s still not old and the anal retentive personality of an Austrian farmer begins to shine. Nested turns demand symmetry and legs must comply with the request.

Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal

Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal

“You may ski on zat side or on zat side but stay out of ze middle here…”

And although Rudy’s is a “grade A asshole,” his words ring true in this setting. After a good day of farming, the soul is refreshed, replenished, and revitalized. So take a trip to the farm and put in work.

It’ll be the last thing you regret.

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