Skier Triggers 15 Foot Hard Slab | First 'Serious' Avalanche Incident This Season

Skier Triggers 15 Foot Hard Slab | First 'Serious' Avalanche Incident This Season


Skier Triggers 15 Foot Hard Slab | First 'Serious' Avalanche Incident This Season


Boreas Pass Slide

Photo Credit: CAIC

Not only are avalanches a real possibility during the early season, they can be some of the most dangerous and deadly all season. That hypothesis was tested this past weekend in Summit County, when four avalanche incidents (rated D2 or higher) happened within the county’s boundaries. One of these incidents resulted in a skier sustaining multiple injuries, which required a helicopter evacuation from the scene of the incident.

Boreas Pass SLide 3

Photo Credit: CAIC

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The slide, which included a 15-foot hard slab, was triggered by a skier on Bald Mountain near Boreas Pass on Saturday. The CAIC is currently rating the avalanche as a D3 category slide. The slab failed on a northeast aspect above treeline.

Boreas Pass slide 2

Photo Credit: CAIC

According to the scale, a D3 category slide has the power to “bury and destroy a car!” 

Breckenridge Avalanche Incident Report

According to reports, a skier is recovering from injuries sustained after triggering an avalanche on Bald Mountain just east of Breckenridge. The man involved in the slide, originally told search and rescue that his location was on the west side of the mountain, when in fact he was on the east side of Bald Mountain. Although weather was variable, a helicopter was able to fly out the victim.

“This is the first serious avalanche accident of the season in Colorado and sober reminder that the avalanches are getting bigger and more dangerous.”- CAIC

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Other incidents occurred in and around the Gore Range, Loveland Pass, and Boreas Pass.

Stay safe out there and always #KBYG!

Correction: Earlier in the day, we reported that the skier who was caught in an avalanche outside of Breckenridge Mountain Resort reported his location as west of the resort. Our report was incorrect. In actuality, the skier reported that he was on the west side of Bald Mountain not Breckenridge Mountain Resort.  

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