Report: The Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Colorado!

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Report: The Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Colorado!


Report: The Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Colorado!


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Aspen Highlands Closing Day

According to, Aspen Colorado is the drunkest town in Colorado. And while the Aspen Ski Corp. may not like the report, most Coloradans would agree with the findings. Using criteria such as bars per capita, wineries per capita, liquor stores per capita, drunk tweets, and divorce rates, the website came to the conclusion that yes… Aspen is a pretty tuned up place.

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One of the variables (divorce rate) was surprising but according to recent studies, alcoholic couples are more than three times more likely to divorce than couples without drinking problems. The divorce rate in Aspen is 18%. The largest city in Colorado is Denver (also #3 on this list) has a 12.5% divorce rate.

Here Are the Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Colorado Courtesy of

10. Golden

9. Avon

8. Englewood

7. Carbondale

6. Estes Park

5. Durango

4. Edgewater

3. Denver

2. Salida

1. Aspen

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