What's The Deal With Breck's New Lift-Ticket Tax?

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What's The Deal With Breck's New Lift-Ticket Tax?


What's The Deal With Breck's New Lift-Ticket Tax?


Earlier this week, voters went to the polls in Summit County and voted on a ballot question termed 2A that would tax day-use lift tickets at Breckenridge Resort. The funds collected from the tax would then be used to finance transportation projects surrounding the resort, whose aims are to ease congestion and make transit in the area more sustainable for years to come.

The tax itself will provide $3.5 million to transit projects each year!

The vote itself is being considered a landslide of epic proportions. According to the Summit Daily, 917 voted yea, while 185 said nay to the measure. 

“If it ‘s 80 percent that’s a record of any vote in the history of Breck.”– Town Councilman, Mark Burke 

The approval provides capital for transit issues that Breckenridge has faced for over a decade. Now, the town can start looking to and providing solutions to help cure the parking, traffic, and general transit woes of years past.

The tax will not affect Season Pass Holders.

The tax collection is scheduled to commence on June 1st of 2016 after which, town leaders will conduct studies and assessments on how best to attack the transit issues plaguing the town of Breckenridge.

Read The Entire Summit Daily Article Here: Breckenridge lift-ticket tax passes, secures $3.5 million in annual funding

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