NOAA: Snow and Temperature Outlook For November

skiing, November, ski tour

NOAA: Snow and Temperature Outlook For November


NOAA: Snow and Temperature Outlook For November


skiing, November, ski tour

Ski Touring on Teton Pass in November | Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal

So far, the summer seems to have stretched into much of the fall across the western United States and it looks as though that trend may be continuing throughout the month of November according to NOAA.

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In NOAA’s latest November outlook, meteorological models show that with the exception of Colorado and New Mexico, the west will continue to be plagued by warm temperatures and average or less than average snowfall (and/or rain).

November Precipitation

NOAA Outlook

As of now, New Mexico is winning the battle for projected precipitation, with high probabilities of above average precipitation across the entire state, while southwest Colorado falls immediately behind in the race.

Currently, California has equal chances of average precipitation.

So far, the losers in these precipitation models include Montana, Idaho, as well as the eastern parts of the Pacific Northwest. 

November Temperatures


As of now, El Niño is in place and strengthening in the Pacific. So far, warm temperatures are moving in along the west coast and it appears as though those temperatures will stay in place throughout November. On the other hand, Colorado has ‘equal chances’ of normal November temperatures, which bodes well for opening days throughout “Ski Country.” 


As of now, there’s a high chance of above normal temperatures covering the Tahoe and the Eastern Sierra’s in November, which is bad for snowfall at lake levels. However, the higher elevation resorts of Kirkwood, Mammoth, and Mt. Rose could see significant accumulations on the upper reaches of their mountains!

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