Warren Miller Turns 91 Today! HBD Warren!

Warren Miller Turns 91 Today! HBD Warren!


Warren Miller Turns 91 Today! HBD Warren!


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Today, Warren Miller turns 91 and in honor of the godfather of ski film, we would like to pay tribute to his prolific and colorful legacy.

Here’s a classic clip from the Warren Miller archives…

About Warren Miller

Warren Miller was born in Hollywood, California in 1924. In his early years, Miller took up skiing, surfing, and what would become his mainstay– photography. However, as World War II glowed on the horizon, Miller enlisted in the Navy and would eventually see his duty across the South Pacific. After being discharged in 1946, he found college classes at USC too crowded (in one instance, he had to stand outside while trying to listen to a professor’s lecture because the classroom was so full). So instead of college, Miller headed to Sun Valley with ski and film partner Ward Baker. The pair proceeded to live in a trailer in the parking lot at the Idaho ski resort, where they would shoot footage of themselves skiing in order to improve their own technique.

In order to ski for free, the two bought a case of beer for the lifties and received season passes in exchange.

While showing his movies to friends, it occurred to Miller that people enjoyed his narrated ski films and decided to start Warren Miller Entertainment in 1949. Soon after, he began showing his films in towns close to ski areas and his popularity grew. He would eventually tour the country once a year, showing his new ski films to the eager public in what would become a tradition and model for future ski film companies.

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Since 2004, Warren has not been involved in the films and subsequently sold off his rights to the name Warren Miller Entertainment. Although, he is currently retired from filming, he continues to write and spend time with his wife, Laurie at their home on Orcas Island in the San Juan island cluster north of Seattle.

Happy birthday Warren and remember folks“If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do!”

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