Swedish Ski Area Riksgränsen To Take In 600 Refugees

Swedish Ski Area Riksgränsen To Take In 600 Refugees


Swedish Ski Area Riksgränsen To Take In 600 Refugees


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Although better known for being the northernmost ski area in the world, Riksgränsen is now opening its arms to refugees from around the world. Following the refugee crisis that has recently swept the European Union, the Lapland ski area is taking steps to help solve the problem and give these refugees a home, albeit a cold one for the majority of the year.

In an interview with Swedish new source Norrbottenskuriren the CEO of Lapland Resorts, Sven Kuldkepp told one reported via email that when it comes to the refugee crisis “We at Lapland Resorts AB are very pleased to be able to help.”

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That said, few if any of the incoming refugees have ever seen winters or summers like those in Swedish town of Riksgränsen. Some refugees were initially not pleased when they arrived in the Swedish municipality of Östersund. In an interview with thelocal.se, Esam Taha, a 36-year old from Syria recounted the experience telling reporters, “It was terrible, just wind and snow, and the roads were slippery.” However, now that the refugee has acclimatized to life in northern Scandinavia, he hopes to stay. That is, if he can find an apartment.

“If I find an apartment in Östersund, of course I will stay here, because all my friends are here, all my Swedish friends are here. This city is a small city and a quiet city, and the people here are really really nice and I like it, but it’s a big problem to find an apartment.”– Esam Taha, Syrian Refugee Living in Östersund

So far 86,223 refugees have filed for asylum in the Scandinavian country. Riksgränsen will help by taking in 600 of those refugees.

You can read the entire thelocal.se article here: Lapland ski complex to become refugee hub

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