10 Things You'll Hear At A Ski Movie Premiere

TGR, Paradise Waits, Top 10

10 Things You'll Hear At A Ski Movie Premiere


10 Things You'll Hear At A Ski Movie Premiere


TGR, Paradise Waits, Top 10

Recently I had the opporunity to view Teton Gravity Research’s new feature film Paradise Waits at the Oriental Theatre in Denver, Colorado.

After living in Jackson and working on TGR’s street team for a couple years, I’ve been to my fair share of shred flick premiers and they all resemble eachother in one way or another. As stoke overflows in all of our proverbial cups, things get said and questions are asked. Sometimes, they’re not the most articulate musings but they are entertaining nonetheless.

Here are the 10 Things You’ll Hear at A Ski Movie Premiere

10) “Was that a double or a triple?”

9) “Who’s stoked for some free stuff?!?”

8) “Everybody please hold tight, somebody spilled beer on the soundboard!”

7) “The winner of the next raffle will receive a partially paid trip to Japan!”

6) “You see that?.. They rated the film E for EPIC”

5) “I could ski that”

4) “I couldn’t ski that”

3) “We want to thank BCA for keeping all our backcountry bros safe, New Belgium for keeping our film crew drunk, and the North Face for making our base camp look Conrad Anker AF!”

2) “I’ve skied that line”

1) “That spine wall was twisted”

Find the Full Tour Schedule for “Paradise Waits” Here: PARADISE WAITS (FALL 2015)

Let us know if you have any to add!

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