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And you thought your mountain was a rat race– Living in Denver and skiing in the front range might just be the biggest hustle in all of skiing.

First you have to race traffic on I-70 to one of 5 ski areas close to Denver, then scramble to find parking amongst and endless dross of license plates that all claim Colorado as “Ski Country USA,” which inevitably leads to a DisneyLand-style lift line that stretches into an overpriced cafe, where stoney employees serve bad coffee. But don’t fret this is Colorado. As such, you gotta keep it Cool-a-Rad-Bro…

Here Are The 5 Things Only Denver skiers Will Understand

5) The Right Lane is the Fast Lane on I-70

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For some bizarre reason (*maybe it’s the high-potency, legal weed), Colorado drivers tend to use the left lane as the slow lane and the right, as the fast lane. This can provide for some exciting moments as cars are forced to join the cattle drive by merging from a 100ft onramp directly into the fast lane of traffic, where disgruntled drivers want nothing more than to shred intermediate slopes at Copper Mountain.

4) If You Have to Pay For Parking, You Might As Well Not Go

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A good friend once told me “If a ski resort makes you park for parking, it’s probably not worth skiing.” That’s sage advice, especially when you consider Vail charges up to $25 for a single day of parking. Loveland, Copper, and Arapahoe Basin have free parking for all!

The One Stop Shop

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Starbucks, Taco Bell, gas, liquor, and even legal weed? Welcome to Colorado!

On your way from Denver to Summit County, just take Exit 234 towards Downieville, CO which boasts all of the above.

2) Jerry Skis in Jeans


Chances are they’re either from Texas or Kansas. Avoid these folks at all costs because they’re hell bent on having a rad day on the hill. But that doesn’t mean they’re sending cliffs, it means they’re drinking a bunch of Coors light. Not that there is anything wrong with drinking beers and getting rad, it’s just these denim clad Jerry’s have the potential to ruin a weekend warrior’s season in the blink of an eye while Texas tucking down Bird’s of Prey.

1) Skiing Bumps

skiing, colorado, bumps Photo Credit: Zach Dischner via Flickr Creative Commons

Bumps are the main attraction in Colorado for 75% of the year. If you’re not skiing the bumps, you’re not a Colorado skier. From Copper to Winter Park and all the way to Vail, all Denver skiers will at some point be tested within the confines of some vast mogul field. The only exception to this being certified jibbers, who with their short poles can rip apart the Breckenridge terrain park like a dozen buffalo wings at Pub on Pearl on a Thursday– Know what I mean?