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All my life I’ve wanted a steam room in the winter. However, living off a writer’s salary (especially when writing about skiing) doesn’t afford the luxuries that are often found in 5-star hotels in places like Aspen and Jackson Hole. That said, in warmer climates, the rich yearn for the opposite of sun and beaches– the cold and snow.

In Dubai, specialty ‘winter effects’ company Desert Snow is building ‘snow saunas’ that offer a winter experience in one’s own home. So far, the company has built three of these snow saunas in hotels and spas while only two have been installed in private homes according to The National | UAE.

The snow saunas start at 400,000 dirham, which is equates to roughly $110,000 USD.

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That total does not include interior amenities and add-ons such as trees, specialty rock designs, and lighting. The typical floor plan for one of these winter rooms is 6 to 12 square meters and cooled to temperatures as low as 5° farenheit.

As for the snow, a cubic meter box of snow will set you back $650 USD each time you want to make it snow. That is… if you decide to put snow in this fancy walk in freezer that retains exceptional interior design in the first place. 

More information can be found at the Desert Snow Webpage