The Highest Lift in Europe Is Being Built In Russia

The Highest Lift in Europe Is Being Built In Russia


The Highest Lift in Europe Is Being Built In Russia


Higher than the Aguille du Midi, a Russian ski resort in the Caucasus mountains is currently constructing a lift whose height will surpass any ski lift in Europe, reports the The lift, named the “Mir-Gara-Bashi” will ascend Mount Elbrus and is currently in the third stage of completion. Right now, the ski world is holding its collective breath as we wait to see gondola chairs hanging on its cables.

The height of the new lift will be 12,621 feet, which surpasses the Aguille du Midi’s 12,605 feet.

“Today, the main stage of construction and installation works are completed. With the French technology specialists support in the mode of installation supervision, the gondolas cable was already stretched – the so-called process of cable lashing. The cabins will be installed in September, and then we will start the pre-commissioning activities.”- Deputy General Director for Development, Svyatoslav Wilk

The Lift Will Deliver 750 People/hour and by the time construction is fully complete, will be able to carry 1,500 people/hour. However unlike the Aguille du Midi, the new lift in Russia will be “accessible to all categories of skiers” said the Deputy General Director for Development on the project.


  • Length of slope- 1674 m
  • Vertical drop- 374 m
  • Average slope- 22%
  • 8 person Cabins
  • Amount of cabins 35
  • Height of lower station (Mir)- 3452 m
  • Height of upper station (Garabashi)- 3831 m
  • Time of ascent- 4 min 50 sec

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