Report: Cost of Skiing is Main Reason Why People Don't Ski

Report: Cost of Skiing is Main Reason Why People Don't Ski


Report: Cost of Skiing is Main Reason Why People Don't Ski


Image Credit: Steve Rosset | Shutterstock

Image Credit: Steve Rosset | Shutterstock

Unlike its snowboarding stepbrother, skiing is growing according to an industry leader’s recent survey. The Ski Club of Great Britain conducted the study with the help of Spike Marketing. The sample included 15,000 people whom were surveyed by the marketing firm. The overwhelming take away from the survey was that the majority of those surveyed expressed a desire to participate in skiing or snowboarding during the upcoming year reports

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That said, price is the largest deterrent towards attracting potential skiers to the sport.

Second in line was the availability of options for children’s skiing.

Here are some of the notable findings from the report

Skiers are Loyal

93% of skiers and snowboarders say they will ski or ride again during the upcoming season.

Backcountry Skiing is Growing

38% of skiers and 43% of boarders are skiing beyond marked trails.

No New Skiers

Only 5% of those responsed to the survey said they were new to the sport. These findings are worrisome in that they indicate skiing has reached a virtual plateu of growth that will not likely change in the upcoming future.

Survey Details

From a pool of over 800,000 email addresses the 2015 survey generated 15,072 responses, 38% of whom were female and 62% male.

Of these, 2,059 were non-skiers.

The highest percentage age profile consisted of 35% aged between 50-59 years and 27% between 40-49 years.

The smallest representation was amongst 21-29 year olds who account for just 5% of the survey respondents.

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