Ski Instructors Found Guilty After 2012 Tignes Avalanche

Ski Instructors Found Guilty After 2012 Tignes Avalanche


Ski Instructors Found Guilty After 2012 Tignes Avalanche


During a trainee program in December of 2012, an avalanche event occurred on the slopes of the French resort of Tignes ultimately resulting in the death of a female member of the training group. Since the accident, 3 instructors have been found guilty and sentenced to a 1-year suspended jail sentence as well as being banned from ski instruction for a full year. The verdict, which was reached back in June, was released today according to

Prior to the accident 30 members involved in the training exercise ventured off piste with ski instructors into the north face of the Tovier zone. At approximately 11:29 AM, the avalanche struck the group and two people were subsequently buried. The first victim found was unconscious but recovered and has since fully healed. After being buried for up to 30 minutes, the second victim sustained critical injuries and was later pronounced dead. Locals, ski patrol, and instructors helped in the search and rescue operation.


Neither of the victims was carrying a transceiver, shovel, or probe.

Since the accident, ski industry professionals and amateurs alike questioned the instructors’ reasoning behind taking the trainees into the off-piste area after 3 feet of snow fell on the resort’s slopes. The avalanche risk at the time was classified as High.

It seems as though Tignes is prone to avalanches.

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