After recreational Marijuana was legalized through Amendment 64 in 2012, many ski towns across the state of Colorado leaned towards the growing legal cannabis culture. These ski towns, which include locales like Breckenridge, Aspen, and Telluride capitalized on the burgeoning marijuana tourism industry but the town of Vail decided to temporarily ban the flower from being sold within the town limits.


The Vail Daily is reporting that Vail retailers recently completed a survey and many seem concerned that lifting the ban would backfire, causing Vail’s conservative clientele, many of whom hail from states like Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and even New York (Read an open letter from a vacationing New Yorker to Vail Resorts) to stop vacationing at the Eagle county resort.

Other objections include a fear that rental technicians will start setting everyones DIN settings to the irrational number π.

In the coming weeks, the Vail town council will begin hearing arguments on a permanent ban on the substance and will make a decision on whether or not to permanently ban the substance. However, a future town council can overturn the ban if it wants (politics make so much sense)…

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