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Dear Vail Resorts... | Open Letter to Vail Resorts From Pissed Off New Yorker About Legal Marijuana Use At Resorts



Christine Arakelian, of New York, has made public this open letter to Vail Resorts expressing her dislike of Colorado’s new recreational marijuana laws. Here is the full letter as posted in vaildaily.com.

Dear Vail Resorts,

Let me explain to you why I will not be returning to this resort anytime in the near future and will indicate to other families on online forums that they should decline to come to Vail as well.

As you are aware, marijuana is now legal in Colorado. I have been visiting Vail and Beaver Creek for many years now with my family, and enjoyed all my years here with no real problems. We have a lot of memories here. Within the span of several days, my son and I were exposed to numerous conversations on buses, gondola rides and restaurants related to recreational drug use. The fact that people are restricted to smoking pot in the privacy of their room doesn’t mean that they won’t reek of pot on gondola rides, or that they won’t be talking about getting high with numerous other substances within earshot of numerous families. Within the span of two to three days, I had at least three to four separate occasions in public areas where I had to specifically ask people to not talk about their drug use. People were obviously put off by my asking them to stop, and I was furious to even be put in this situation.

I think the public debate on allowing pot to be sold is completely off. The people who live this type of lifestyle can’t afford to support resorts like Vail that frankly cater to a demographic more like my own, and candidly, you don’t get to be successful by engaging in this type of lifestyle. Why am I going to pay to come to a resort where my son is exposed to these sorts of things? I don’t want him skiing or going anywhere on his own — he is a teenager, and why should he be shaped by these types of conversations?

Not only this, but it’s a safety hazard. Do you think I want people speeding by me on the slopes who were high the evening before?

I really recommend you get this situation under control as quickly as possible because word will get out to families very quickly. At this point, I’m very much inclined to go to Utah for my vacations instead of Colorado. You can’t be a destination resort for high-earners and a pot-town at the same time — you have to choose.

Christine Arakelian

New York

[Thank you Patrick Drennan for bringing this letter to our attention]


What do you guys think about this open letter? Thoughts / Opinions ?

  • Daniel (Conifer)

    I didn’t want to comment, because there were exactly 420 comments at the time of writing this! Hee hee :)

    If this woman had been going to Vail/Beaver Creek all these years, then she’d know that lots of people smoking and smelling of weed is not something even remotely new to our Ski Resorts. Nor is it new to the CO ski/snowboard culture in general. A vast majority of marijuana users are competent, conscientious, responsible adults. And the people who aren’t, were already smoking anyway!

  • wutang

    the best thing about this is the one we’re all forgetting:

    this is EXACTLY the type of poor parenting that drives a teenage boy to a lifetime of smoking weed.

    enjoy Christine, you did it to yourself.

  • gapersgonnagape

    “Recreational drug use” is the entire point of ski apres, and if you consider the obvious fact that alcohol is a much more dangerous drug than cannabis, you just look like a total moron complaining about other peoples’ recreational activities. At least Utah caters to the successful clientele that hold such enlightened beliefs such as abstaining from recreational drug use and insisting that the Earth is 5,000 years old. Colorado is so much better off without these kinds of people.

  • Allie

    If she’s going to be visiting Colorado literally within the week that marijuana becomes legalized then she should just have some common sense in thinking that there’s going to be discussion of it. Especially between people who are NOT in families, a.k.a. young people. I understand her concern but honestly lady have some common sense. I can already tell you that this little vacation is not the first time her teenage son has been exposed to discussion of pot.

  • Jamie

    What she doesn’t realize is most of the people in Colorado are from back east and they all seem to smoke and drink a ton, therefore they more than likely had these habits before moving west, including those from New York.

  • Well educated

    I enjoy this life style and am very successful. What a stupid fucking yank! Go back to your hole. I’m sure the way you try and shelter your kids will lead them down a dark path once they move out. Enjoy the $200,000 bill for the party you are going to send your kids too. If your lucky they might make it through 1st year.

  • Her son

    If I were her son and had to put up with her all the time, I would probably be addicted to meth or heroin. It’s people like this whose kids grow up on 20 different medications (those are all fine even though the side effects list is longer than the commercial). They find themselves screwed up bc they have no clue what the real world is like. I’ve lived in Vail for over 5 years and never once have I seen an assault or robbery or domestic violence case or public disturbance, etc. due to marijuana use, however these drunk out of towners are always are fighting in the bars or breaking stuff bc they can’t handle the elevation. Stick to mid-vail and you won’t encounter this drug culture you speak of, gaper. Lastly, I don’t think that smoking marijuana yesterday affects you as bad as alcohol does the next day; never been hung over and puking because I smoked the day before, I’m lost on her argument there.

  • Anonymous

    DId she proof read that? She plainly says the pot smokers cannot afford to go and support the resort…..then the very next sentence she says that she ran into people who smoke it….on there resort….I hope the resort sent her a letter in turn. There are some pretty rich potheads out there….I would say the whole web for the most part is run by potheads. Let us not forget tv either. Most of the best shows are created and ran by potheads. Clearly clueless of her surroundings.

  • 99%

    Wow. Ignorant & naive, & probably a hypocrite. Not a complaint about the bars everywhere but shit will hit the fan if her son hears of cannabis.

    It’s 2014, grow up. Booze, tobacco, coffee, gambling are great but cannabis is just so evil?

    These people are the best, on the righteous & better path until her son get the police escort home at 4am. You’re blind. Ski in NY is the moral of the story.

  • Whatawhore

    If i was on the gondola with her i would light up a joint and blow every breath of smoke right in her face. Then when she tried to slap me i would grab her arm open the door and throw her out of the gondola. Then i would share the rest of the joint with her son, and laugh together with him about what a conceited whore of a mother she is/was

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