Top 10 Ski Resort Bike Parks in North America

Top 10 Ski Resort Bike Parks in North America


Top 10 Ski Resort Bike Parks in North America


10. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY

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The famed Wyoming ski resort started making moves into the Bike Park scene back in 2011 and although Teton Pass offers more world-class downhill opportunities, the bike park scene is growing fast in Teton Village. With the advent of Friday Night Bikes ($10 Lift Tickets from 5-7 PM, discounted rentals, as well as happy hour specials), the bike park is beginning to become a locals favorite that doesn’t’ include all the shuttling required to access Teton Pass.

9. Highland Mountain, NH

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After being left for dead for 10 years, Highland Mountain Ski Area was a wasteland. That is until 2006, when Mark Hayes took the area from a series of broken down buildings and transformed the New Hampshire ski area into a world-class bike park that boasts the best downhill trails in the Northeast. With 25 trails covering 9 miles worth of track, Highland Mountain may be heaven.

8. Canyons, UT

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It’s no secret that Park City, UT is home to some of the best cross-country single track in the country. However, the Canyons Resort offers up Utah’s best lift-accessed, downhill track for full-face mask wearing riders as well. Overall, the Canyons offer 1,200 vertical descents as well as 20 miles worth of trails.

7. Grand Targhee, WY

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Grand Targhee is the crown jewel of bike parks in the Northwest. Offering up over 2,200 vertical feet of lift accessed riding on more than 42 miles of multi-use trails, Grand Targhee’s bike park dwarfs that of Jackson Hole. With views of the western slope of the Grand Teton, the Ghee is as good as it gets in WYO.

6. Angel Fire, NM

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Finding enough time to dial in the growing trail systems at Angel Fire can take years . With over 40 miles of track, Angel Fire is the premier bike park destination in the Southwest. Although Arizona holds the trophy for best cross-country in the Southwest, Angel Fire, New Mexico is hands down the best downhill around the desert.

5. Fernie, B.C.

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Known for its winter steeps in and around Lizard Bowl, people often forget about Fernie’s summer opportunities, which includes one of the best bike parks in B.C. With 37 professionally designed and built trails, this bike park is a must see on the Brown-Pow Highway.

4. Mammoth Mountain, CA

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80 miles and 2,800 vertical foot descents. Enough said. Mammoth is the downhill capital of California and its trails are insane with monster berms, hips, and wood built features. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Mammoth hosts more mountain biking comps than any other resort in the United States. When you see how big the park is, it all makes sense.

3. Silver Star, B.C.

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B.C is home to arguably the best mountain biking in the world and Silver Star falls right in line with that reputation. Tacky, fast, and evergreen, the B.C. mountain resort offers a variety of trails that range from flowy downhill to techy tabletops and narrow wooden features. The park’s features are out of this world with over 300 jump features over the 30 miles of trail.

2. Winter Park, CO

Sitting pretty in the winner’s circle for the U.S, the Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort is a mainstay within the downhill community. Since the early 90’s Winter Park has been the epicenter of downhill mountain biking progression in Colorado and the resort continues to improve its 58 trails that sprawl across the front range resort.

1. Whistler, B.C.

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Whistler is the obvious #1 with more visitors than any other bike park in the world. The “Top Of The World” trail is the visually stunning centerpiece of the resort’s biking opportunities as it drops riders from Whistler Mountain’s peak for a 5,000 vertical foot descent to the valley below. Bottom line, it doesn’t get any better than that for a downhiller but add in its lower elevation trails and it’s a no brainer. Whistler is the best bike park in North America and the world.

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