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“The goal is this: Starting in the 2016-2017 ski season, a person could land at Denver International Airport in the morning, take the new East Rail Commuter Line to Union Station, board the Ski Train and arrive right at the slopes of Winter Park”- Ryan Warner of Colorado Public Radio

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As of now, Winter Park Resort officials, Amtrak Representatives, and Union Pacific are negotiating terms in order to permanently revive Colorado’s only ski train. As the upcoming season approaches, front range skiers are hoping they will be able to hop aboard at Union Station in downtown Denver and be whisked up to the mountains without the nightmare of sitting in I-70 traffic. However, it’s up to Amtrak and Union Pacific to reach a mutually beneficial agreement in order to reactivate the line. Here is what Colorado Public Radio reporter Ryan Warner had to say about the progress being made.

“Winter Park says things have aligned just right, and there’s little to keep the new train from starting operation as early as this ski season.”

“If you remember earlier this year, Winter Park and Amtrak announced they would provide a special excursion train to celebrate Winter Park’s 75th anniversary. It was an Amtrak-run train, and tickets for seats sold out in hours, with another train quickly added the following day. Those tickets sold out in minutes. So the demand is there. And that solidified both Amtrak and Union Pacific about the demand for the train, and its profitability.”

“It’s important to remember that Union Pacific and Federal railroad officials are the linchpins here. If Union Pacific gives Amtrak approval to use their tracks, federal approval won’t be far behind.”

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Currently, Winter Park Resort officials hope the decision will be made prior to the 2015/2016 ski season, giving people just another reason to ski Winter Park instead of the Summit County resorts.

The entire article from Colorado Public Radio can be read here: The Winter Park Ski Train Reboot Is Shifting Into Higher Gear

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