The 5 Best Places to Grab A Drink in Jackson, WY

The 5 Best Places to Grab A Drink in Jackson, WY


The 5 Best Places to Grab A Drink in Jackson, WY


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Currently, I’m posted up in Jackson, WY for the week leading up to the 4th of July and having lived in Jackson for a 3-year stint in the past, I’m planning on having a drink or two or maybe eight with some ol’ skid buddies. However, I’ve got a few recommendations for those unfamiliar with the best watering holes in Teton County. Check out our last post from 2011 on this subject just to see how much the venues have changed.

1. The Bird


When it comes to suds, The Bird retains the best beer selection in Jackson, which includes a variety of old-world brands to accompany its wings, burgers (served on an English muffins), and schnitzel. While the draught does offer up craft beers that range from Upslope to Lagunitas, nothing is more refreshing than a Spaten or Franziskaner after rafting the Snake River or mountain biking in Game Creek. Also, enjoy that beer on the Bird’s back porch during a Teton sunset… Priceless.

Note: The Bird hosts a boot challenge (think Beer Fest), where if you down a boot’s worth of Franziskaner (3 liters worth) in less than 15 minutes, you get the beer free as well as a t-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame.

Happy Hour: 2-5 ($1 Dollar off all drinks)

2. The Deck at JHMR


Photo Courtesy of JHMR

“The Deck,” which is located at the top of the Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, serves up the best happy hour in the world (definitely an overstatement). With views of Corbets and the surrounding JHMR terrain, even locals ponder, “How do we ski this shit in the winter?” Yet after a couple John Daly’s (Lemonade, Iced Tea, and Vodka), gazes tend to fixate on the cloud-spotted valley below and Sleeping Indian mountain in the distance. Not only are the views great but the novelty of riding the gondola in the summer is worth the trip alone.

Happy Hour: 4:30-Sunset (Nightly Drink Specials)

3. The Local

The Local

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The Local, which is located in the same space as the deceased Cadillac Bar and Grille (R.I.P.), serves up classic cocktails and an assortment of craft beers along with the standby PBR on draft. Almost nightly, locals flock to this watering hole and on the weekends, stick around till midnight then head to the Rose or Cowboy Bar.

Happy Hour: 4-6 (1/2 off cocktails, beer, and wine. $8 Burgers)

4. The Rose

The RoseThe Rose is the premier spot for specialty cocktails in Jackson. The Moscow Mules are unbelievable and the bartenders don’t mess around. In addition to finely mixed drinks, the Rose also occupies the same space as the Pink Garter theatre, which hosts the best concerts in town. Other drinks to look for are: La Paloma (blanco tequila, grapefruit, lime, seltzer, and a pinch of salt) and the Skid Luxe (bourbon, lemon, and Pako’s eye-p-a).

Happy Hour: 5:30-7:30 (2 for 1 beer and wine/ old fashioned of the day)

5. Bin 22

Located in the back of the Bin 22 Wine and Liquor store, the Bin 22 Restaurant and Wine Bar is one of the best-kept secrets in Jackson. The atmosphere is low-key and but the food and drinks are anything but. Folks who like wine will rejoice at the selection and those who like beer can select from a beer menu stocked with locally crafted brews from The Q Roadhouse. Also, if you buy a bottle of wine from the adjacent liquor store, the restaurant won’t charge a corking fee. Score.

Happy Hour: 4-6 (1/2 off wine and beer)

Honorable Mention: Teton Thai Plate

Thai Plate

BYOB or BYOW, Teton Thai Plate is a resident favorite that allows folks to bring a six-pack or a bottle of wine to the table free of charge. So wash down that Gang Karee (Yellow Curry) with a six-pack of Sweetgrass American Pale Ale from Grand Teton Brewing and be thankful you ordered a 3 on the spicy scale. Ordering a 5 is downright rogue.

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