$1000 Gets You Unlimited Beer For Life!

$1000 Gets You Unlimited Beer For Life!


$1000 Gets You Unlimited Beer For Life!



The newly opened Lake Monster Taproom in St. Paul, Minnesota is presently offering a life’s worth of beer drinking for just 1,000 bucks. That’s right unlimited pints for life for $1000.

Offered via the company’s crowd funding page, the St. Paul brewers are making waves within the beer world with this once in a lifetime, limited offer. All in all, there are 100 lifetime passes and they are going fast.


Co-Founder Matt Zanetti recently told gearjunkie.com, “We want people to get excited about returning to our taproom and this is a great way to get people coming back” adding, “We want people to love our beer as much as we love it.”

The price of what we are referring to as lifetime season beer pass (it’s actually called the Beer for Life Membership), is still about half the cost of a season pass for Aspen resorts.

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